Magazine Design

/ Where's SUSHI

Introducing sushi culture in America with a new monthly magazine! The process for this publication involved designing a style guide for the layout and images used. It also included a system for chapters, sections, typefaces, and details like sidebars and recipes. "Where's SUSHI" was a great opportunity for me to improve my abilities with InDesign, as well as his consistency of design and ability to keep things organized.


Beverage Design

/ Milk of Marshfield

"Milk of Marshfield" is a beverage product from Marshfield, Wisconsin, which is a countryside town with many dairy farms. I decided to design a series of flavored milk for kids because they are the main audience of milk. The brand name MOM comes from the idea of "Milk of Marshfield", and logo and graphics of use the kids' style of hand drawing which easily connects with them. The 4oz cans and the special package design for all three consider the ability of a child.


App Design

/ Dumpster Decoder

This is an app for dumpster divers, which combines multiple functions for both newcomer and master. The app introduces dumpster diving with steps and tips for the unexperienced, and existing data to share the experiences of the masters. Designing for a digital format that connects to the physical activity of dumpster diving was really a challenge for me, but I hope the app could increase the number of dumpster divers in response to the rise of food waste.


Rebranding Identity

/ Children's Museum

(A group project with four other designers) Our mission was to rebrand the Children's Museum in Stevens Point. My part of the process was to create the new logo and color scheme. I started out with the idea of two children holding hands, and eventually settled on the capital "M" with the two dots above. For colors, since children always love the ocean, I choice coral red, sea green, nemo gold instead of the museum's original three primary colors.


Packaging Design

/ Hi Condom

This condom brand appeals to shy people because the packaging can be hidden within personal items. After doing research, I chose my target audience to be adult men and young ladies. For the shy adult men I designed a package that looks like a portable black wallet. I created a package like a pink makeup box for the young ladies. Both designs are simple with only a small logo and texture pattern. That way they're subtle.


Website Design

/ eyeSwatch

A mobile friendly website to introduce the new app called eyeSwatch which is a digital swatch collecting App. The eyeSwatch has been designed to assist designers collecting colors and help create your personal swatches. It's also an easy way to save your favorite colors and match them by your personal preference. EyeSwatch was a simple design to show off my creative ideas, and an opportunity work more with HTML and CSS.   See more »


Magazine Advertising

/ Lime Tatout

Lime Tatout is a soft skin cream that can also erase the tattoo ink. Lime Tatout is made from lime extract and contains natural botanicals, so that is a gentle and safe way to remove any unwanted tattoos. When designing this ad I chose to show the butterfly flying away from skin to express the function of this product, and also mention the effect is easy and fast.


Branding Design

/ GEOM Socks

This sock brand comes from London. GEOM features socks that have geometric patterns and the sophisticated color matching. The target audience is people who dress well and care about the matching of socks with shoes and pants. The logo GEOM came from shortening "geometric." I used brown paper for the packaging to emphasize the colorful socks.


Packaging Design

/ Bukolt Soap

This soap packaging is based on a research of a historical building in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The idea of portable liquid soap come from a building called the "bath house" in Bukolt Park. Since the shape of the building is so unique, the most challenging part of the design was combining the shape of building with the packaging structure. The brick colors and patterns from the "bath house" are the elements I used in the design for my graphic, and I also featured the arch in the logo.


Billboard Design

/ Death Penalty

These two billboards each advertise opposite opinions of a very touchy subject. Working with such a topic, the most challenging part of the design was thinking about the opposite opinions at the same time and comparing them. Both designs are eye catching to get people's attention. Although the death penalty is a common argument, this piece was a good opportunity for me to consider deeply the arguments of both sides of the debate.


Playing Cards Design

/ Hands of Fate

(A Group Project with one other designer) For these cards we started with the idea of "Fate." We came out of the ideation phase with the concept of the universe as the great unknown. And then, we also came to think about human hands that use playing cards as power and authority, so we decided to combine this two ideas for the King, Queen, and Jack. Following the idea of the universe, the stars were our element to create the symbols, and the hands play with stars to showing the mystical power and influence as the hands of Fate.


Capital Campaign

/ Seasonal Flavor

I designed Seasonal Flavor as a capital campaign for a nonprofit organization called Farmshed located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The goal of the campaign is to build an indoor market in downtown Stevens Point which offers the locally grown, in-season food to residents. I created the event logo and visual identity using the fruits and veggies. Then I created the website as a means for promotion.


Campus Event

/ Wine School

Wine School is a campus event base on an organization at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. I decided to do a wine tasting activity. I created the visual identity for the event, and promotional material. The stock photo and monochrome color provided a limited motif that created brand unity and a clean, effective design.


Book Cover Design

/ Art Media

After doing research, I decided to base this series of publications on historical books about a few choice mediums of art. The mediums I chose were watercolor, oil painting, and Chinese ink. I created the brush textures to match each book. The hand done materials along with a simple design show a strong sense of art style in the book covers.

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